A Promise to Uplift Humanity

It is our intention and promise to bridge the narratives between business and spirituality to further inspire and serve humanity. Although this sounds like serious stuff, all of our peace projects stem from a place of love, clarity, and most importantly, joy. We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey. Together, we can deploy capital and abundance to co-create a more balanced world.


Clarity & Well-Being

We recognize the importance of well-being within oneself and others. In achieving this union, we can renew a sense of clarity to allow deliberate living rather than living by default.


Belief in Other's Success

We can practice compassion and unconditional love, but the best gift that we can give to others is our belief in their success. This thought alone has enough power to uplift each of us from any obstacle.


Playful Spirit

When we employ our playful spirit, we are learning about ourselves and others. It's an energy that is contagious, fun, joyful, and full of possibilities. We will never stop playing.


Flow (Path of Least Resistance)

When we are in a state of flow, we no longer feel like it's "work." It removes all resistance on our path, as we no longer struggle against the upstream current but rather flow downstream with ease.


Unity Awareness

The current system based on exclusion & separation no longer serves humanity. We need a new social architecture that nurtures individualism, but not at the expense of others.


Abundant Mindset

Scarcity mindset has dominated our society to power and encourage a profit-based economy.  We can chose differently by living in the vibrations of trust, wonder, joy, and gratitude which result in infinite balance & abundance.

Broadcasting Joy Together Since 2007

This is us, Amy Zhou and Priya Jhingan. We have been friends and colleagues for 12 years. In a spark of clarity, we became aware of our ability to uplift people's spirits when we are together. It is this frequency of joy and trust that we'd love to share with you and the world through the peace projects we pursue.


When the vibrations of trust, gratitude, and joy become dominant in human interactions throughout our workplace, home, and schools ---- we will effortlessly flourish in balance, clarity, and abundance.

The Expanded Family

We are a family of independent, autonomous individuals, all serving humanity through our own unique purpose and gifts. We come together with the intention of amplifying the energies of peace, harmony, and unity to uplift humanity. When we are together, it feels like play. 


Chief Ambassador

Priya Jhingan

Hip-hop dancer, yogini, sister, daughter, friend, designer, self-taught coder, and leader.


Storytelling Maverick

Ella Yan

Pomsky mama, daughter, sister, real-estate broker, muse, creative director @thejasminella.


Design Technocrat

Evan Smith

Teacher, co-founder, designer, jack-of-all-trades at Pixel Dash Studios.


Chief Ambassador

Amy Zhou

Student of life, wife, sister, daughter, meditator, herbal healing apprentice, fellow child of Earth.


Production Wizard

Lee Schneider

Leader, producer, crime documentary reporter, Dad, and host of Baby Crazy podcast.


Conscious Creator


By simply being here, you are joining our expanded family vibes. Thanks for hanging out with us!

We Play Often With...

  • Stanford University | Affiliations with School of Engineering, The D. School, Center of Compassion.

  • The Assemblage | Co-working space aligning capital & impact.

  • The Rotary Foundation | International non-profit organization achieving peace through various projects.

  • The Heartfulness Way | The Heartfulness Tradition and meditation practices through Daaji, the fourth guru.

  • Kadampa Meditation Center NYC | A Buddhist tradition focused on modern meditation practices.

  • Comunilife | $30M non-profit organization for NYC homeless housing, Latina suicide prevention programs.

  • Olivela | Luxury e-commerce donating 20% of proceeds of each purchase to girls education.

Join the Party!

We are excited to know more about the projects that bring you most joy. 

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