Aligning Thought, Inspired Action, and Capital with Peace

The power of thought is the key ingredient in building momentum toward any physical manifestations.  When momentum picks up, we will be inspired to take action. In this powerful state of forward momentum, we will not only attract talents who will take our projects to new heights, but also the capital to amplify the shared message, vision, and purpose. With this framework, we are sharing our most creative energies to improve the world we live in. 



AOJ Podcast Season 2


It is our promise to continue to broadcast vibrations of joy. Season 2 of our podcast is releasing June 2020. In this season, we extend our conversations to dissect the global topics of today's age, through a spiritual lens.

Environment Pollution


~Official Title TBA~


Plastic has a flat-line vibration, which means it is one of the most difficult materials to recycle.  This peace project is an illustrated video following a first-person narrative illuminating the calamity of our global plastic crisis. To take action in making a REAL difference, check back later to learn more about the different ways to engage.

Coming Soon


AOJ Podcast Season 1


Ten episodes hosted by Priya & Amy exploring the intersection of business and spirituality. First 5 episodes feature popular business books such as The Tipping Point, Good to Great, and many more. Last 5 episodes includes live case studies of CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs who have walked this particular intersection.


If you are an investor looking to deploy capital to reimagine humanity's infrastructures, please contact us directly to speak about our private projects within our network of influence. 

Current offerings involve:

  • real-estate & co-working developments

  • bioplastic technology 

  • homeless & mental health programs

  • corporate happiness index

  • K-12 natural foods education

  • prosthetic hand distribution

  • food rescue & food waste 

  • holistic healing products & services


If you are a fellow creator and change maker in resonance with our vibrations and have ideas to share, please contact us! We welcome anyone who is called to co-create peace projects with us.

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